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Startups Consultation

Transfering knowledge about product development and project management for tech products and services. Developing basic Product Owner and Business Development Skills.

Hack using available experience!

We’ve worked on dozens of products from their ideation, through production, and communication and sales strategies and activities.


For the last ten years, we’ve worked for startups, SMEs, and corporations. We understand the different contexts of business when it comes to tiny or enterprise level projects and companies.


For our last 10 years, we’ve worked for new product design, software development, digital marketing, sales, industrial hardware development, luxury goods manufacturing, communication strategies, development planning and execution, project management and product owning, operations, recruitment.


We’ve been there, we’ve done it!

Full support on any level of product development
Production and Sales, Marketing & Communication support
Representing our clients before investors, partners, clients
Creating extra materials and establishing partnerships
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What do we provide?

We are helping startups of various of levels, sometimes even acting as a client representative, business development, product owner and etc.


We take the role as a prudent businessman, responsibly and for the amount of time to create the momentum required.

Training Founders and employees
Business Development
Acting as Product Owner
Creating presentations, branding, running PR, etc.
Your next steps should be...

From here, we can help you on various of levels, from simple creation of RFP process or estimating the development of your idea, or run fully fetched product development.

Initial Documentation
Business Intelligence
Product Workshop
Product Documentation
Providers Shortlisting

We are continuously improving our knowledge and experience in product development trends and startups growth. Stay up to date with product development knowledge.