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Product Workshops

MVP product definition with a detailed approach to personas, user stories, monetization models, and product development roadmap with the lean approach. Creating solid prototypes and product documentation.

Focus on Details!

Having initial brief for the product development is not enough to start creating it. Workshops are designed for solving initial challenges of use case scenarios, product personas definition, use of critical system assets in the best way, and a roadmap for future product life-cycle development.

This part of work is about challenging everything that is known about the product and initial development conditions such us budget, existing users group, previous experience and scalability.


Workshops can create a lean definition of prototype development and scalability, OR it can create a roadmap for product lifecycle definition.

Clear definitions of user experience and edge case scenarios
Functionalities and Product Personas Detailed Definition
Highlighting critical business values
Challenging monetisation, sales and marketing
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What do we provide?

We have great experience in running product workshops for various of types of solutions.


Workshops are run either with the future development team, clients of production houses or with founders team. We design, moderate and run the workshop and create documentation for the next steps.

Lean product workshop with prototyping
Creating prototypes and detailed development documentation
Pre- and Post-workshop support and preparation
Your next steps should be...

Product Workshops usually are finished with handled over product development documentation.


The documentation is then used for detailed RFP, vendors shortlisting, or even creating investment strategies and pitch decks.


Our team usually understands the product concept and it’s launching strategy by heart and can act as shortlist¬†of vendors, ambassadors before users and investors.

Hi-Fidelity Product Documentation
Providers Shortlisting
Startup Consultations

We are continuously improving our knowledge and experience in product development trends and startups growth. Stay up to date with product development knowledge.