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High Fidelity Product Documentation

Creating detailed MVP product documentation with low and high-fidelity clickable mockups, user flows, modules definitions, and initial backlog. Used for all project stakeholders.

Excellent understanding of the development!

Product documentation is something more than just product description. It should contain the very detailed logic representation, interaction prototype, good product description, use case scenarios and market fit examples. It is about giving context and detail description for the perfect start!


Moreover, it should be represented in the language of all the parties involved in the development of it: technical, project management, product owner, designer, sales and marketing team, and even investors.


This kind of documentation is commonly used for creating development approach plans, high fidelity estimations, and better goals/milestones understanding.


It should be created for making any changes easy along the road. A solid documentation is a cost saver!

Ready to use by the production team
Flexible for changes
Used for pitching and branding
Excellent for profound estimation
For prototyping, Lean / Agile, Watefall projects
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What do we provide?

Hi-Fi documentation is usually a next step after the product workshop. We provide all the necessary documentation for the production and design team.


Folder with documentation usually includes a fully detailed description, user stories, flow charts, edge case definitions, development roadmap plan, low-fi or hi-fi mockups, sample designs, branding, and style guide suggestions, development backlog and more if necessary. The number of materials reflects the complexity and use of a product and the requirements by the founders’ and production teams.

2-3 weeks full spec documentation
Clickable Hi-Fi mockups / prototypes
Development backlog or WBS draft
Your next steps should be...

After receiving documentation usually what should be done is providing it to the production team. 


This is a perfect documentation for any highly detailed RFP processes because vendors can create upon it development approach plans and can create detailed estimations and resource planning. Thanks to that you will avoid risk with vague ballpark estimations.

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