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Get basic knowledge about how tech products are being made.

Read our Handbook.

Disclaimer: e-book / gitbook version is coming!

While updating all the necessary guidelines¬†here, we will be providing the downloadable or contributable version in a while. You can let us know if you want to be informed when it is ready. You’ll be able to use it freely, however, with our branding.

Do it yourself / or understand how it is done!

This handbook is about teaching you some basics about topics most early founders are being challenged with. It is better for you to understand how the production companies work on the products you desire to create, their business, their approach to clients, development and overall production quality.


Learn about how good practices can influence overall costs of the product development. What every Startup Founder, Product Owner, Project Manager and Innovation Manager should be aware of.

#1. What should you include in the product description to make it more clear to understand from a technical standpoint? It will help you understand your goals as well.

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Defining the Product

#2. The first thing most of the founders would like to know is how much their product would cost to produce. Estimating production is one of the most difficult and enigmatic processes. Find out about methods used for estimations, and why some are inaccurate and some as accurate as they can be.

Under preparation!

All about Estimations

#3. Words are just not enough. The best way to convince users or other stakeholders to your product and even do first testing is to visualize/make the experience of the product easier to understand. Mockups and prototypes will allow you to test your initial idea cost-effective, and at some level, it is rather easy to make it on your own.

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Mockups and Prototypes

#4. Should you be involved in managing the production? Tech-based products or services development has at least 3 decades of management knowledge and dozens of great books written Рhowever, it is still anecdotal and frustrating when it comes to the production. What methods, what tools, and what roles should a good production process include.

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Project Management