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Master the main skills and knowledge in product management.

For tech founders, consultants, and managers to boost the quality and progress of your work.

Tech Founder / Product Owner Course

16 hours personal course for beginners with exercises.
FOR: Early Founders, Product Owners, Project Managers, Corporate and SME Managers

This 16 hours Tech Founder / Product Owner course includes the most important aspects of the lean startup, product development preparation, Agile with SCRUM and Kanban to everyday use.


It explains basic syllabus, trains in main skills when working with production teams, trains in creating own business and product concepts, and teaches how to prepare basic product documentation. Basic product documentation can be then used for ballpark estimates, further concept work, gathering early feedback, and pitching to business partners.


The knowledge from this course should prepare future tech founders to conceptualize ideas, create brief documents for production teams, make simple prototypes or mockups, and make early and cost-effective concept verification easy.

Basic Product Owner knowledge
Creating basic business concept
Creating product brief definition
Prototyping and testing
Critical business value workshop

1-day business analysis workshop with exercises
FOR: Managers, Founders, Product Owners, Project Managers

A practical workshop for defining critical product values. How to define them, correlate the business model, improve UX, project management methodology, and communication?


It analysis case-studies, engages participants in group work on examples and new product/new business development.


Great solution for early tech founders and product teams in small, medium and corporate enterprise levels for most branches in industry. As well as for production houses on how to work with the client on product workshop to enrich the service and support better product ideas.

Real Customer Insight Defition
Root Business Value Definition
New Business Development Management
Practical Exercises and Extra Materials

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