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Deep Product Analysis /

Business Intelligence

Available data research for market value definition. Researching customer insights scenarios and defining main business development goals.

Big Goal / Dig Deep for Insights!

Deep Product Analysis is a process based on available data, it’s interpretation,¬†experience, market research. It might involve testings, surveys, and early conceptualizations¬†to find best case scenario¬†in a context of your business. This process is designed for searching a market fit more profoundly.

For small scope products or services such as MVP or POC (Proof of Concept) Рit is usually designed to provide a cost-effective solution to gain early traction. For large scale products or brands, it is deep business intelligence process to highlight best communication strategies.

The problems to solve here are pre-definition of customer insights(!), suggesting go to market strategy, creating first early adopters group, creating a communication strategy, and suggesting business development approach.

FIRST-STEPS document for PoC or MVP
Testing Early Adopters Groups
Designing Communication Strategy
Business Development Plan Sketching
Creating CSR strategy
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What do we provide?

Our diversified experience in a variety of vertical markets makes us comfortable in solving product market fit challenges.

We provide market research, product communication audits, test environments for early users groups (B2C / B2B), PR and Marketing strategies to increase Sales and create early traction, and find pivoting opportunities.

Analysis of the product and market data
Profound and quick process
Interviewing your first clients
Your next steps should be...

This step is usually good for a more mature approach to product development and sales. 


Either you want to build a self-sustaining business, solve a profound problem, be more socially responsible, or create your exit strategy you should go with better product design to fit your goals and create the traction from the first day.


For having more profound concept including customer insight definition, development roadmap, communication and business development strategies you might try our other services. Start smart!

MVP / Product Workshop
Startup Consultations

We are continuously improving our knowledge and experience in product development trends and startups growth. Stay up to date with product development knowledge.