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Insightful conceptualization

and documentation for your lean MVP



Varstadt /varʃtat/ noun

a process for creating legitimate and credible documentation,
in Polish pronunciation literary means workshop.

Product Documentation and Business Analytics

Varstadt is pre-production company for a new product, MVP,  and services development and implementation. We do business analytics and create product documentation and development approach for online and offline services, communicate to the production team, verify technologies, help shape lean business and explore new R&D areas for a variety of industries.


Initial Product Documentation
Concept Briefing

Gathering all the information about the idea context and creating an initial brief for potential design and technological partners for product development.

Business Inteligence
Deep Analysis

Available data research for market value definition. Researching customer insights scenarios and defining main business development goals.

MVP / Product Workshop

MVP product definition with detailed approach to personas, user stories, monetisation models, and product development roadmap with lean approach.

Product Documentation

Creating detailed MVP product documentation with low and high-fidelity clickable mockups, user flows, modules definitions, and initial backlog. Used for all project stakeholders.

Development Approach and Estimation
Providers Shortlisting

Helping to find and verifying best cost-effective production houses for design, software and hardware development. Including project estimation and development approach suggestions.

Startup Support

Transfering knowledge about product development and project management for tech products and services. Developing basic Product Owner and Business Development Skills.


Resources on how to start with new service or product in the technology
as a Founder and Product Owner.

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Start smart with your product!

You will save time and money on preliminary product definition
and will avoid confusion when communicating the idea to the stakeholders.